Here’s an exclusive opportunity to join the Muniq Health Coaching Trial Program, created to get you even better health results, for FREE.

This is a highly exclusive, limited-time offer! Apply now as spots are extremely limited. We’re only letting 200 people in and this program won’t be free forever.*

What you get:

3 months of 1:1 coaching sessions and support, goal tracking and help setting/reaching blood sugar and weight goals, daily SMS reminders, access to a personalized coaching dashboard, and 12 weeks worth of exclusive, supportive content!

Personal access to a Muniq Certified Health Coach, trained to work with you to get even more health improvements over 3 months.

The entire Muniq Health Coaching Pilot Program is completly FREE. All we ask is that you provide honest feedback and engagement throughout the 3-month program.

If you have any questions, please reach out to coachingpilot@muniqlife.com for help.

Meet the Coaches

Elisa Zuniga

Elisa Zuniga

“I’m a nutritionist from Chile trained by medical doctors. I’m devoted to helping you to live a healthier life and reaching your goals with Muniq!”

Monique Soto

Monique Soto

“I’m trained by both medical doctors and registered dieticians, and my goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with!”

*The Muniq Health Coaching Trial Program is only available to first- time Muniq subscription orders only. Exlcudes one-time orders.

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A Daily Shake For a Lifetime Of Better Health

Learn how you can improve blood sugar and weight loss by replacing just one meal a day with Muniq

Discover The Benefits of Muniq

Discover The Benefits
of Muniq


Blood Sugar




Gut Health

The Science Behind Muniq

Watch: How our powerful blend of prebiotic fibers works through your gut to transform your health.

Inspired by Family, Crafted by Science


I created Muniq as a tribute to my little sister Monica
who struggled with diabetes. Inspired by her memory, I created science-based solutions using real food that taste delicious and improve all aspects of health.

Marc Washington
Muniq Founder & CEO

Customer Favorites


A variety of flavors and formats to fit into your daily routine

A variety of flavors and formats to
fit into your daily routine


How Muniq Works

1. Start here

Take our quiz to learn how Muniq can supercharge your health. Let’s crush those goals together!

2. Enjoy daily

No more guesswork -- we’ll send directly to your doorstep exactly what you need to start transforming your health one day at a time. You’ll be whipping up shakes and reaping the benefits of resistant starch in no time.

3. Experience uplifting results

Whether you’re looking to reduce blood sugar, lose weight, improve digestive health, or just get your gut in top form, you will see life-changing results with Muniq!

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Experience The Power Of Resistant Starch
Experience The
Power Of Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is a powerful gut-healing prebiotic fiber clinically shown to promote a healthier you. That’s why we pack it into every Muniq shake.

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The Muniq Story

Inspired by Family, Crafted by Science

Learn More

We’ve compiled one of the most researched & practical guides on gut health available to help you harness the power of your gut through the magic of resistant starch. Check out our most popular articles, ambassador stories & recipes.

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