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A Daily Shake For a Lifetime Of Better Health

Learn how you can improve blood sugar and weight loss by replacing just one meal a day with Muniq

The Goods

Improve Gut Health

Good health starts in the gut. Give yours what it needs to thrive

Your gut microbiome plays an essential role in your overall health. Muniq harnesses your microbiome by delivering the right nutrients at the right time to the trillions of microbes that live in your gut.

Promote Healthy Blood Sugar

Naturally improve blood sugar and insulin sensitivity

Prebiotic resistant starch helps you avoid frustrating spikes and crashes, improves insulin sensitivity, and helps reduce average blood sugar levels (aka A1C) over time.

Powered by Resistant Starch

Get 50% of your daily fiber from this unique prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in your gut.

We all know that fiber is important for better health. And yet, practically none of us come close to getting enough. Resistant starch is a super-powered and well-tolerated prebiotic fiber found in starchy plants like green bananas that nourishes your gut from the inside out. Getting your daily dose of fiber just became something delicious to look forward to.


Boost & balance your immune system to keep harmful invaders at bay

Nearly 80% of your immune cells reside in your gut, so it’s no surprise a healthy gut is essential to keep your internal defense system operating at its peak. Muniq shakes are packed with prebiotic fibers, vitamin C, and vitamin D, which not only improves gut health, but also fortifies your body’s natural resistance to pathogens.

Clinically Proven Benefits

We’re serious about our science

Muniq’s patent-pending shakes are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients that are proven effective by over 300 clinical studies. No fads or empty promises here. Just real nutrition designed to not only taste amazing but also truly transform your health with every sip.


A delicious way to feel full for up to four hours

Hunger and sugar cravings lead to unhealthy eating habits. One Muniq shake can keep you nourished and satisfied for 4 hours, which means you won’t be constantly looking for your next snack, and can stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Discover The Benefits of Muniq

Discover The Benefits
of Muniq


Blood Sugar




Gut Health

The Science Behind Muniq

Watch: How our powerful blend of prebiotic fibers works through your gut to transform your health.

Better Health Never
Tasted So Good

Better Health
Never Tasted So

Muniq is a delicious way to take back control of your health and happiness. Naturally improve blood sugar, weight loss, digestion, and more with just one shake a day.

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A variety of flavors and formats to fit into your daily routine

A variety of flavors and formats to
fit into your daily routine


How Muniq Works

1. Start here

Take our quiz to learn how Muniq can supercharge your health. Let’s crush those goals together!

2. Enjoy daily

No more guesswork -- we’ll send directly to your doorstep exactly what you need to start transforming your health one day at a time. You’ll be whipping up shakes and reaping the benefits of resistant starch in no time.

3. Experience uplifting results

Whether you’re looking to reduce blood sugar, lose weight, improve digestive health, or just get your gut in top form, you will see life-changing results with Muniq!

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Experience The Power Of Resistant Starch
Experience The
Power Of Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is a powerful gut-healing prebiotic fiber clinically shown to promote a healthier you. That’s why we pack it into every Muniq shake.

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The Muniq Story

Inspired by Family, Crafted by Science

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We’ve compiled one of the most researched & practical guides on gut health available to help you harness the power of your gut through the magic of resistant starch. Check out our most popular articles, ambassador stories & recipes.

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