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The Muniq Story

At Muniq, our goal is to empower you to take back control of your health one shake at a time. We believe you deserve to live vibrantly, which is why we’ve poured our hearts and minds into pioneering breakthrough “food as medicine” that helps your body work better for you.


Inspired by Family,
Crafted by Science

Muniq is my tribute to the legacy of my beloved little sister, Monica. Inspired by her memory, I set out to create better nutrition solutions that she would have loved, created with a deep scientific foundation based on the power of the gut microbiome.


Meet Our Founder

After graduating from Princeton and Harvard Business School, my journey led me to the top of large and successful health-focused companies. But it wasn’t until I researched the science of the gut microbiome that I realized we could fine-tune nutrition products that TRULY transform lives. I’m proud to honor my sister Monica through the work we do every day at Muniq.

Marc Washington
Muniq Founder & CEO

Meet Our Team

We're a proud Black-owned business and a diverse and collaborative team of scientists, innovators, and health enthusiasts. Together we’re committed to creating a healthier world and closing the health disparity gaps for multicultural communities. We’re fortunate to be backed by leading venture capital investors and visionaries in health, science and technology.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Our accomplished team of science advisors is at the forefront of the latest research
and innovation in health, nutrition, and the gut microbiome.

Our accomplished team of science advisors is at the forefront of the latest research and innovation in health, nutrition, and the gut microbiome.

Dr. Victoria Niklas
Dr. Victoria Niklas
Global Biotechnology & Life Sciences Executive/Advisor
Dr. Niklas, M.D. has a distinguished career in discovery research, clinical medicine, and education for healthcare systems. She earned her Doctor of Medicine and Master's in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Harvard. Dr. Niklas is an expert in the role of the gut microbiome in disorders & diseases and currently serves as the global head of medical affairs for products targeting neonatal complications for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Her recognitions include being named among the Top African-American Business Professionals and Best Doctors in America.
Dr. Frank Greenway
Dr. Frank Greenway
Professor/Director at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Centery
Dr. Greenway, M.D. holds degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, and created an obesity research clinic for the Harbor-UCLA endocrinology fellows. Dr. Greenway works on developing new treatments for obesity including drugs, supplements, medical foods and devices. His lab focuses on identifying foods with pharmacologic properties to treat obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Dr. Greenway is a highly sought-after advisor for pharmaceutical, biotech, and nutrition companies.
Dr. Jonathan Jacobs
Dr. Jonathan Jacobs
Director, Jacobs Laboratory
Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, MD, PhD is a gastroenterologist, scientist, and microbiome expert studying the role of the gut microbiome in diseases including IBD and obesity. His research background is in immunology and its connection with the gut microbiome. He received his MD and AB from Harvard and his PhD from UCLA. Dr. Jacobs’ experience includes a residency at Stanford and co-founding the Microbiome Center at UCLA, where he’s an Assistant Professor. Dr. Jacobs also has an active research program investigating the link between the intestinal microbiome and obesity.
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